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What patients are saying about us

“I knew about Dr. Chacon from past patients that had braces. After braces, I love my teeth; they are so straight and beautiful now!”
— Danika C. Bolingbrook

“I already had orthodontic treatment done prior to come to see Dr. Chacon, but my bite was off, and I had space between my front teeth. I needed to get implants with crowns to restore my lower molars that I have lost about 10 years ago. Dr. Chacon used temporary mini-implants and close all the space I had, so I didn’t need to do expensive permanent implants and crowns, and he also fixed my bite. He did an amazing job, all my teeth are natural, and I didn’t need to get permanent implants and crowns. Now, I love my smile so much that I have my daughters doing braces with him”
— Alba G. Aurora

“I like the excellent customer service, I am always seen in a timely manner, I am very pleased both with the service and the results. Thanks Dr. Chacon.”
— Brittany P. Naperville

“I have a family member that had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Chacon, and she said it was excellent. Go to see Dr. Chacon team, they will work with your budget, will take care of your smile and teeth. The service was great, good payment plan, and most important of all is that my smile is great”
— Tammy C. Aurora

“My mother hear about Dr. Chacon through a friend, I love my smile now, I get compliments all the time”
— Ashley C. Naperville

“When I met Dr. Chacon in person I felt that he was very professional. I am thrilled with my teeth; there have been a tremendous improvement. No one should be embarrassed about their teeth, this Doctor can help, he is really good”
— Julie K. Wheaton

“I came to see Dr. Chacon after calling around, and looking for several opinions. I had a tooth that had grown above another one. I feel I couldn’t have gone to a better place. Dr. Chacon was awesome, my experience was great, I love the friendly environment, Dr. Chacon answers all your questions and concerns. He even work with my situation (I am a student out of town). Thank you so much for my new smile”
— Tanzania T. West Chicago

“I researched online and found that this could be an affordable option and close to home. After meeting Dr. Chacon I felt comfortable and decided to proceed with treatment. I was very unhappy with my teeth, mainly because they were in a state of despair, I love seen the changes, my teeth are now straight, my gaps have closed and my bite feels properly aligned. I love that everyone in the office is friendly, Dr. Chacon has always been very positive. I would advise anyone unhappy with their teeth to seek correction, getting braces has improved the quality of my life, my mood and self-confidence are so much better”
— Kayla K. Aurora

“Yo tenia los dientes chuecos, me sentia avergonzada. Ahora me siento contenta, satisfecha. Me gusta mucho la paciencia y el servicio que ofrecen, y hablan espanol. Yo recomiendo este lugar, me hicieron un buen trabajo”
— Alma R. Joliet

What other dental care providers are saying about us

“I take referrals seriously since I am sending my patient for treatment.  When I refer a patient to Dr Chacon I feel like the patient will be in good hands and treated well clinically and personally.  Dr Chacon is a very competent orthodontist, he first seeks to understand the patient's goals and then educates the patient about the treatment process and outcomes.  I tell my patients that they will find a competent orthodontist that takes the time to understand them"                                                                  — Dr. F. Tan, General Dentist, Darien, IL

“I have seen Dr. Chacon’s work, he is an excellent orthodontist and a very pleasant person. I have referred my patients to him for a number of years. He even did my son and my niece’s orthodontic work”
— Dr. P. Milo, General Dentist, Chicago

"I am very pleased along with all my referrals with the outcomes and services done by Dr. Chacon and his orthodontic team.  After seeing my patient cases and their satisfaction, I decided to have my kid to have orthodontic treatment with Dr. Chacon, it was an easy decision.  I always refer to Dr. Chacon, and my advice to patients is to be compliant: it will help the outcome"                                                          Dr. M. Luckett, General Dentist, Chicago

“I refer my patients, my friends and my family to Dr. Chacon. I have seen other orthodontic work in the field, and I can say that I like so much what Dr. Chacon has done with his patients, I like his work. My kids teeth look great, I always recommend a lower permanent retainer”.
— C. Campioni. Certified Dental Hygienist, Chicago



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